Shako Smart Prop.

Aiko3 saluting while wearing a Shako. Daz|Studio render.

This style of hat, called a Shako, is used around the world by police, military and marching bands. I originally made this for an animation project I was toying with then later decided to package it for Daz Studio and poser.

3d Shako hat Poser render.

About this 3d prop

This is a Smart Prop hat for Daz|Studio and Poser. The zip archive contains the hat in Wavefront object format (Shako.obj), .pp2 files to load, parent and fit the hat to Daz's Aiko 3 and 4, Hiro 3 and Victoria 4. You will also find Mat Poses for a number of colour schemes.

Material Poses for Shako Prop

Please Note that for the badge to show you will need to enable displacement in Poser's render settings. Daz Studio users will need to do a slight material adjustment and use the 3Delight renderer in order to have the badge show up. I set up the badge this way to allow easy customization of the badge design in Photoshop, Gimp or other image editing program without the need for any 3d modeling software. See the readme for more details.

For Daz|Studio, Poser 5+

This was tested in Daz|Studio 1.8-2.0 and Poser 7. I assume it will work ok in earlier versions. The hat prop will load fine in Carrara 6 from the runtime but I you may not want to add displacement to the badge since it will take quite a bit of memory to get enough polygons to achieve any reasonable amount of detail. Of course the model and textures should work fine in any other 3d software that will import Wavefront objects. The zip contains a number of Material Poses. UV templates are also included and I fully encourage others to make more texture packages.


Feel Free to use these files for all renders private or commercial. The texture templates contained in this archive may be modified and redistributed freely or sold. The Object (shako.obj) or other files containing the geometry may NOT be re-distributed without prior permission from William Hurt.


3d Hat Smart Prop Zip File Poser Mapped Zip file.

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