Armour Making Tutorial - How to roll the edges of armour

Establishing the start of the roll

hammer and anvil

Using a modified Craftsman ball peen hammer I begin to roll the edge of the armour over the top of the anvil. I have rounded one edge of my anvil slightly to use for rolling. If the edge is too sharp it could scar the armour to the point of cutting it during the rolling.

Slightly form the edge

Slightly form the edge by lightly striking it. The secret is to only shape it a little bit at a time. On the first pass it is only important to form it enough to establish a guide line.

Close up of the edge of the armour after 2 passes with a hammer.

The above picture shows the approximate angle the edge should be formed after 2 passes.

Further hammering to roll the edge

Continue light passes until the edge is kicked out about 45 degrees.

The edge of the armour bent out to aproximately a 45 degree angle.

Page 4 - Bringing the roll to 90 degrees.
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