Armour Making Tutorial - How to roll the edges of armour

Drawing the edge over a stake

Now that the roll is formed to 90 degrees at its outer edge it can be brought out a little further by hammering it over a rebated chisel. The stake below was made from a jack hammer bit. It is a nicely hardened and stout stake for very little cost. Originally sharp, the edge should be dulled using a sander, grinder or files. More about this chisel can be seen in my Armour Making Video - Quick tip #1.

Dull chisel

For this step of the process I use a slightly convex headed planishing hammer.

Planishing hammer

Even less hammering force is needed from this step forward but a higher level of control is needed. Because of this I use a light weight hammer. A polished and near flat faced hammer works well to minimize blemishes.

forming out the edge of the armour past 90 degrees

In this step the goal is to bring the outer edge of the flair slightly past 90 degrees. The focus should be on the outer 1/3rd of the flair. Hammer slightly off to the outside of the stake. Striking too hard or directly on top of the stake can yield cuts, stresses, or bulges in the roll.

Formed slightly beyond 90 degrees

The above photo shows the roll just past 90 degrees. You can do multiple passes at this time to bring this further past 90 degrees but care should be taken to not distort the edge too much. At this stage if there are any noticeable irregularities in the outer edge you should take a file to them and even the edge out. It is best though, to take care in the previous steps to avoid them all together.

Page 6 - Folding the roll back in on itself.
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