Armour Making Tutorial - How to roll the edges of armour

Sanding and Finishing

closeup of rolled edge

After the rolled edge is fully formed on the armour I clean it up using some medium grit sandpaper. 200 to 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper works fairly well. I had run out of wet or dry paper when I took these photos so I used sandpaper intended for wood... Just to clarify why I am once again pictured not following my own advice LOL!

Sanding the rolled edge of the armor

Hand sanding steel may seem like a futile effort but, when it comes to rolled edges, this only takes a few minutes and isn't hard at all. It does make the roll look much better because it removes many of the facets that are left by the hammer during forming. After sanding, the armour can then be polished with a buffer.

The finished armour with rolled edge after polishing

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